Trending: Catriona Gray breaks Miss Universe crown

Miss Universe crown is one of the precious price in winning the Miss Universe title as one of the most high competition in pageantry. Having the crown of Miss Universe serves as you own the title for time being proving that you are the Miss Universe won the title. Beauty Queens are known for their good poise and elegance gesture knowing that she is the most beautiful in the Universe.

Catriona Gray had its homecoming in the Philippines this month. She have been into many meetings and schedule interviews of different events. After she won the Miss Universe title last December 17, 2018 at IMPACT Arena in Bangkok, Thailand, she is into a very busy scheduled as the newest Miss Universe 2018.
Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray confess into her video about the crown saying she broke it while dancing and she sorry for it. Miss Universe 2018 didn’t specify what exactly happened why she broke the crown. But it might happened during one of her two parades organized during her homecoming in the Philippines last month.

“One of the things I love about the parade [was that] they have (sic) this band and it makes me wanna dance and I ended up dancing, although I’m not a very good dancer.” Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray.

 “But um, guys I have a confession,” she said while showing off a broken piece from her crown. “The Mikimoto has seen better days as a result of my dancing. I’m so sorry!” She added.

The crown designed by the Mikimoto Company that has been used during the 2002 as to commemorate the pageant as the 50th Anniversary and made a comeback in 2007 Miss Universe pageant. The luxurious Mikimoto crown was used and won by Miss Universe 2002 Oxana from Russia and Miss Universe 2007 Riyo Mori of Japan. The crown has 500 natural colorless diamond and 120 South Sea as well as Akoya pearls. It is reportedly valued at US$250,000.00.

Netizen has different reactions about the broken crown. Some are positive and having a broadmind. But others doesn’t have a good comments about it.
Source: MSN News

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