2 Celebrities are Investigated by PDEA for alleged being linked in drugs

Drugs have been the main crime topic in the Philippines since President Rodrigo Duterte elected as the President of the Philippines and start his term. Many killing issues have been reported in Radio, Television, newspapers, tabloids, and internet to the people who are died because of being connected in illegal drugs and even selling it. It was then the PNP who started the operations to capture all the person who is on the drug list in every place in the Philippines (Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao) preferably in sector Manila. It was a hot fight battle against the government and the people who most reported that the person involved is dead.

Tracking the people who are into drugs using or selling has no limitations either a businessman, politician, normal citizens, and even celebrities. According to the report of Super Radyo dzBB’s Allan Gatus on March 12, 2019, Tuesday Morning, there were two celebrities who are being investigated by the PDEA (Philippines Drug Enforcement Agency) due to their alleged involvement in the illegal drug trade. It was seen in the cellphone of the party drugs supplier Steve John Pasion who was killed in a buy-bust in Manila Monday night.

“Isa sa mga parokyano niya mga celebrities. Marami tayong namonitor pero ‘yung naconfirm talaga natin based on text messages we extracted from his (Pasion) cellphone, dalawang artista,” Ortiz said.

Based on the text message that was found in the cellphone of Passion, there were two celebrities want to purchase 200 pieces of ecstasy from Pasion. Ortiz stated that PDEA has been monitoring the two celebrities for the meantime as they have a previous report about their alleged involvement to illegal drugs.

“Pero ‘yun nga ‘yung artista na ‘yan matagal na din tayo may reports na involved sila. Lalo kaming nagduda nung nabasa namin,” Ortiz stated.

As the interviewed goes by, Ortiz refused to identify and give names to the two celebrities for it still in the investigation process.

Source: MSN NEWS

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