Philippine Sports Training Center Bill Signs by President Duterte

News update in the Philippines –  President Duterte (PRRD) is making his sign to approve the Philippine Sports Training Center (PSTC), Republic Act. No, 11214 otherwise known as Philippine Sports Training Center Act that is recently signed by President Duterte last February 14, 2019.

The purpose of this is to support and improve the capabilities of the country to cater to many athletes in the field of sports, this also means that it could really help athletes become more competitive to other countries and reach goals of success, this is also good beneficial to our country it will improve the player to compete in other countries in the Olympic Games.

The Construction of Philippine Sports Training Center (PSTC) will announce soon and it has given a budget worth 3.5 billion for the construction of the primary venue of a sports training center, which is really good news to all athletes.

According to the law, scientific principles and programs as well as proven training techniques and modern equipment and facilities “that are at par with international standards” will be used in the development of the national athletes.~PTVNews

According to the reliable source that this new Sports Training Center of the Philippines will have a range of around 6 months or so to make the plan and after the said plan, it is expected or they targeted to make the construction around 18 months or 1 year and half months.

This sports training center will have all the facilities needed including the amenities for at least 39 national sports associations, there are the coaches dormitory, baseball field, beach volleyball courts, bowling center, covered swimming pool and diving, and many more.

The good news here is that it is a very brilliant idea because players and coaches will now do their sports activities and training without any problems what location they can practice, because of this we are hoping a good result of this idea, especially in a competition.

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