Kinds of Body Pain you Must Pay Attention

Body pain commonly experienced, by simply having a simple work done, walk or after a gym workout.
These body pain may be cured by pain killers but there are some body pain that we should be aware of because these kind of body pain can lead into more serious health condition.
Kids of body pain you should not ignore:
Burning pain or numbness on legs and feet
The burning pain and numbness can indicate that you could be suffering from neuropathy. Symptoms are having dry mouth, constant thirst and hunger, blurred vision, itchy dry skin, slow healing of cuts and wounds and urgent urination.
Severe headache
This could be a sign of aneurysm, swelling in the wall of blood vessels. This is in need of an immediate medical attention this can slow down with pain painkiller.
Pain or swelling in the calves
Having cramps may seem ordinary but if this condition is accompanied by swelling then this could be a serious problem.
Severe abdominal Pain
Strange, sharp and severe abdominal pains should immediately consult a doctor. Chances are you are suffering from gallbladder problems, pancreatitis, intestinal ulcer, and inflamed bust appendix.
Sudden or Nagging Back Pain
Back pain is probably one of the most usual physical complaints of many people. On the contrary, a sudden back pain in the lower part of the back or the place between the shoulders could result in deadly tear in the aorta, the primary blood vessel connected to the heart.
Unexplained, persistent pain in the chest , jaw, belly, arm and throat
Discomfort and chest pain is usually connected to having serious cardiac issues. On the other hand, these issues could also be seen through pain in the jaw, arm, throat or stomach. Having these symptoms can mean you need medical assistance immediately and not to be mistaken for another kind of ailments.
Strange, vague, unexplained or combined pains
This often mental condition can result to unexplained chronic pain, and it is predictable by psychological problems that include lack of interest, unable to think efficiently and effectively, and becoming less social.
Immediately consult a doctor if you have experience the following symptoms and pains.

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