Filipina OFW Sexually Harassed By Employer, Caught In Camera!

This Filipina OFW was sexually harassed by her employer and was caught in camera.
Recently, we have heard news about OFWs being maltreated and abused by their employers. The increasing number of OFWs who suffered such prompted President Duterte to stop the sending migrant workers, particularly in Kuwait. There seems to be no end to the stories of rape and abuse committed against overseas Filipino workers. Another Overseas Filipino Worker is seeking the help of the government and other concerned citizens to rescue her from the hands of her abusive employer.

In the video uploaded by Facebook page “Pinoy OFW Pautwasan”, a Filipina domestic helper is seen being sexually attacked by her employer. According to the Facebook page, the video was sent by another OFW named Nikita Gomes who also just received the said video 8 hours ago.
In this one minute and a half video clip, it could be seen that the guy employer is getting past at the poor Filipina domestic helper. He was on top of the poor woman pinning her down trying to seduce her by kissing her neck and back.
The OFW attempted to escape from the situation and was heard shouting the words “No” and Stop” but the employer continues pinning her down so that she could not move. Unfortunately, the identity and exact location of the OFW in the video was not disclosed, the only detail the sender provided is that she is located in Dammam, What can you say about the video? Let us know your reaction in the comment section below.

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