Things You Shouldn’t Do After a Full Meal

Having a full meal is really a good feeling; it actually helps us gain the nutrients and energy that we lost throughout the whole day of work.
This is also the best time to relax and have some special time for ourselves, by watching television, smoking or just a nap can satisfy our mood.
But there are some habits that is unhealthy for the body that we do after eating, this kind of behavior must stop to prevent health problems in the future.
List of thing to avoid after eating:
1. Don’t sleep- having a sleep after a full meal can be held liable for not being able to digest the food properly that may cause infection and gastric in the intestines.
2. Don’t smoke- experts have proven that smoking after having a meal can be equivalent to 10 smoking cigarettes and may cause higher chance of having cancer.
3. Don’t drink tea- tea contains high acid that can cause hardening of the protein that may lead to poor digestion. It is advisable to drink tea after a meal in an hour.
4. Don’t walk – walking instantly after a meal can cause acid reflux and indigestion. It is advisable to rest half an hour after a meal.
5. Don’t take a bath- having a bath after meal can cause increase blood flow to legs, hands and body that will result in a weakened digestive system.
6. Don’t loosen your belt- loosening your belt while eating can cause the intestines to twist and block, this is the result of over eating that may lead to discomfort.
7. Don’t eat fruits- eating fruits immediately after having a full meal can make it stuck in the intestines that can lead to indigestion. It is recommended to eat fruits after an hour for proper digestion.

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