Free College Education Simula sa June 2018! Rich or Poor Qualified

Republic Act 10931 states that students will be now given free college education when they enroll to any of the 122 state colleges and universities in the Philippines.
This was signed by our President Rodrigo Duterte last year, this was accompanied by giving the Commission On Higher Education (CHED) 8.3 billion pesos as budget for the said implementation of this act.
According to GMA 7 news, CHED is already on the process in implementing the rules and regulation to be ready just in time by June 2018 where the school season begins.
In addition the Comm. Prospero De Vera declared that students who enrolled in the state colleges and universities will not only get free college tuition fee but also miscellaneous fees. In exchange to this students must finish their scheduled courses in time.
Another good news to our incoming students, the qualification is not based on grades or on being rich or poor, it only requires the enrollment on any of the 112 state university or colleges in the country.
It is also said that all students who avail the program may be required to take up extracurricular activities as a return service program to the government.
The possible activities were not mentioned in the reports but it is expected to be announced before June 2018.
And aside from the free tuition, CHED has also given higher budget to different state universities and colleges so they can provide better service to their students and for much better quality education. The improvement includes improving school facilities and hiring more faculty staff.
As for students who were not able to avail the program, not to worry as the government will also offer assistance to enroll in colleges and universities established by local government units or even TESDA which also provides free education/training to enrollees.
Source: Living and Loving Philippines

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