A Woman Received Death Threats From Her Ex Because She Refuses to have S*x with Him

Many of us have already been through break ups but few people had experienced crazy exes that are obsessed to win them back. Exes that threatens to kill them if not them, their new relationship would be in trouble.
Although some are just threats, some are just crazy enough to carry out the crime and have no fear of going to jail.
In this case in the Philippines, a woman from General Santos City receives multiple threats from her ex. She was too scared and reported it to the police. Offenders uses social media and text messages to send his threats.
Kathleen (not her real name), she broke up with the 20-year-old suspect because he was jealous in almost everything she do. “He knew that I already have a new boyfriend. Every time I come home from work he would text me and threaten to kill me and my new boyfriend, if i refuse to have sex with him,” Kathleen said.
After she reported it, NBI (National Bureau of Investigation) took action right away and set an entrapment operation and the suspect was caught at a lodge in Barangay Lagao.
Authorities had evidences of text from the suspect’s phone. However, when asked about it he denies all the accusations about him and gave a short answer saying, “I won’t do that, I love her very much,” he said.
The suspect is now facing charges in violation in the Violence Against Women and Children Act.
Source: Viral4real

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