PRRD Burns Rappler’s Pia Ranada: “You’re Not Only Throwing Toilet Paper. You Are Throwing Sh*t At Us”

After being issued an order by SEC to stop its operation, Rappler then proceeded in attacking the administration, saying that President Rodrigo Duterte is targeting Rappler in an attempt to stop it.

With that, it was explained by presidential daughter and Davao City Mayor Inday Sara Duterte and presidential spokesperson Harry Roque that the SEC chairman was an apointee of the previous government and not by Duterte.

Followed by these, even the president himself already vented out and he did so in front of Rappler reporter Pia Ranada. In a press conference where Ranada was also present,Duterte went on in saying that they are “fake news.”

“Since you are a fake news site, I am not surprised if your news articles are fake.”

Ranada reportedly saw what happened as an attack to the press, to which Duterte answered and he even showed an article that was previously posted by Rappler.

The article was about Special Assistant to the President of the Philippines Bong Go’s allegedly meddling on the procurement of Naval equipment.

Duterte defended Bong Go and asked Ranada to find evidence, if she is able to, then Duterte will fire Go.

“Where is his signature, where’s your statement? And where is your even the point of reference?”

He then gave the copy of the article to Ranada and asked if they were happy with what they are doing.

“Tignan niyo nga yang article niyo, maligaya kayo na ginagawa niyo sa kapwa niyo yan araw araw?”

Duterte went on to say that the issue was not really about the freedom of press but instead the abuse of power by the elite.

“You are a Filipino who was allowed to abuse our country at ikaw ay active participant, yan ang mahirap. In the name of the holy grail of press freedom.”

He then added that Ranada and Rappler have crossed the line.

“You are not just throwing toilet papers, you are throwing sh*t at us, sumobra kayo.”

It was also said that Rappler was not allowed by the Constitution to join the media.

“The Constitution does not allow you to join the media. Why don’t you research the company you are working with?”

Whether Rappler will continue publishing or not, Duterte said he does not care, as long as they all come clean.

“I don’t give a sh*t whether you continue w/ your station or not. You must come with clean hands (when you criticize). How about you, are you clean?”

He also told Ranada that they were funded by foreign money and asked if she isn’t ashamed of that.

“You are funded by foreign money; are you not ashamed of that? And you had the gall to attack people using foreign money.” 

“Are you not ashamed of that? Hindi mo naiintindihan ang corporation law mo.”

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