Learn The Natural Ways Of Reducing Your Uric Acid Level

Uric acid is a product of the metabolic breakdown of purine and it is a normal component of urine. The high blood concentration of uric acid can lead to health problems like gout and other medical conditions.
If your uric acid level is high maybe it’s time you find ways for reducing your uric acid level. Now here are some of the natural ways you can try to lessen your uric acid.
Lessen the intake of food high in purines
The number culprit to forming uric acid is the foods with high purine so in order to control the level of your uric acid limit yourself from eating foods that are high in purines like red meat, seafood, organ meats, and some beans. Not only that there are also vegetables that need to be avoided like asparagus, peas, mushrooms, and cauliflower.
Reduce consumption of alcohol
Reducing or take it away from your system will be really helpful because alcohol dehydrates the body.
Soft drinks with high fructose
According to livestrong, there is an article published by Arthritis Today website, researchers have found that people who consumed six servings of high fructose soft drink each week increased the chances of getting gout.
Don’t forget to take enough water
By simply taking enough water dilutes uric acid levels in the blood and stimulates the kidney to pass on waste products to the bladder. So don’t forget to take enough water.
Reduce inflammation
Eat foods with anti-inflammatory properties like pineapple to reduce the uric acid concentration.
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Source: livestrong

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