Baby Milk Formulas Are Being Recalled Due To Fears Of Poisoning Due To Salmonella Contamination

A french baby milk formula maker Lactalis has been recently on the headline for their major recall of their products worldwide due to fears of salmonella contamination.

Early this month, according to the reports 26 infants in France become sick as confirmed by health officials. The recall formulas covers “millions of baby milk powder products marketed globally under the Milumel, Picot, and Celi brands,” the Daily Mail reported.

Customers that are directly affected by the recall are from “Britain, Greece, Morocco, Sudan, Peru, Colombia, Pakistan, Bangladesh and China.”

The company has now issued a statement saying, “sincerely sorry for the concern generated by the situation and expresses its compassion and support to the families whose children fell ill.”

The 26 cases of infection was confirmed to be linked to their products “were linked to products branded Picot Sl, Pepti Junior 1, Milumel Bio 1 and Picot Riz.”

The company has now taking their action by disinfecting and cleaning suspected affected factory sites in France.

Customers who bought Lactalis products are now encourage to watch for the symptoms of salmonella infection in your baby, if they happen to consume this product.

Salmonella Infection Symptoms:
Stomach Cramps

If so happens you see these symptoms, it is better to brought them to a doctor to have them checked because even some of the cases of Salmonella Infection can be treated without medication, young children especially infants are on bigger risk and potentially can be life-threatening condition.

Source: The Sun

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