1st Gaming Leagues Hobbies Fusion Gaming Convention Cosplay Competition

What: 1st GLHF Gaming Convention Cosplay Competition

When: April 14, 2012

Where: SM City Cebu – North Wing


  1. The competition is open to all interested individuals.
  2. All participants must pre-register by sending the following specifications to upotaku@gmail.com:
    a. name of contestant
    b. age
    c. contact details (email address and alternate email address {optional}, mobile number);
    d. character portrayed and title from which character comes from
  3. Contestants will go against each other in a battle for who is the best copycat through skits, monologues, or short presentations.
  4. A performance must run for a minimum of 30 seconds to a maximum of 1 minute.
  5. Characters portrayed must come from any published work (i.e. books, movies, TV). Original characters are automatically disqualified.
  6. The registration will then be conducted on the event day at the entrance with the corresponding registration fee:
  7. Registration fee is: P150.
  8. Tapes/CDs (for presentations with audio input) must be submitted to the cosplay committee upon registration.
  9. Contestants must be prepared to be in contest grounds from call time to contest proper and should be in character during the duration of the event as judges will be stationed around the venue.
  10. The contest proper shall be on the first day of the event, April 14, and the awarding will be on the second day of the event, April 15. Contestants are still required to be in character on the second day as judging will still be ranking even after the skits are performed.
  11. For costumes and props, there must be no real flames, no real weapons, liquid, or anything that may harm or affect the performance and safety of other contestants. A maximum of 3 back-ups are allowed for both categories.
  12. Participants are expected to respect the property and cleanliness of the venue.

Criteria for judging:
40% Attire (Accuracy, Craftsmanship, Creativity)
30% Stage Performance (Stage Presence, Projection, Dialogue, Delivery)
20% In Character (On Stage, On Grounds)
10% Audience Impact

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