Simsimi and Magnum Ice Cream Trend

If you have been into Facebook lately (who doesn’t) and twitter. You can see various posts and most trending topic at this moment. It’s amazing how social media affect the persons perspective and even curiosity when it comes to what the society talks about whether it is a certain application, product, food and services. Many cannot even resist it and eventually will try that particular product or service, in short, go with the flow.. definitely a very good social media marketing strategy (whether intended or not).

SimSimi is a popular artificial intelligence conversation program that was created in 2002 by ISMaker.” source wiki

First is the Simsimi application which is getting popular today, though it is not a really new concept. It was created in 2002 by the Korean tech company ISMake. A chat simulator that answers all your question in a sort of online conversation. I don’t know if this is just a over hype or something because chat simulations are not really new in the web. In fact, there are other ones that came first to the scene like cleverbot. Maybe the attractive yellowish interactive interface sort of chatroom that attracts not only the young generations but also the old timers :).

The Simsimi application is available in their website and also in mobile phone (apple, android), I have tried it and it is not that complicated to use, it’s just basic inputting words to your chat or word and it will respond with the closest related answer or reply (it will even answer your queries in your own local language 😀 ). The unique thing about simsimi is that you can teach it, meaning you can add answers to specific questions you provided and it will help control the response as well as add it to its vocabulary provided a more control to the conversation (especially when someone type your name or other personal stuff).

Magnum is an ice cream brand owned by the British/Dutch Unilever company, and sold as part of the Heartbrand line of products in most countries. It was originally made by Frisko in Aarhus, Denmark.”

Second is the highly hype Magnum ice cream, At first, I was really surprised about the popularity of the new ice cream product imported from Belgium to Selecta and seeing the response from the people both online and offline, I even see long lines in the stores as if it is a box office movie and it cost more than any ice cream of its size (50-60 pesos). Some stores even run out of magnum ice cream like a rare piece of gem or something. I almost remembered the tivoli and funwich in a very similar scenario. I saw their TV ad which is just a normal made ad, which the end states that “Now available in the Philippines”. I haven’t really tried it myself and I will not go with out with the mob and and try one just for the sake of tasting it and be included in the list of overhype-product-first-taste people,hahah

These are the latest product/application trends of today and will continually be a witness of these emerging and overhyped products as long as it is shared and constantly in your friends ,PC monitors, mobile, television view. You will almost have little choice but succumbed to the hype. 🙂

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  1. Sana wla nalang simsimi sa browser. sana app nalang sya. over na yung craze eh haha. ewan ko ba, basta naiinis ako. hahaha
    tsaka yang magnum na yan. di naman daw masarap pero ang mahal. haha. idk ha, pero wala ako balak tikman hehehe

  2. tried magnum truffles but i don’t like it. lol. mas like ko yung k-i-s-s-i-n-g 😀

  3. I was fond of playing with SimSimi nong hindi pa siya ganun ka-famous, haha. And yes, hindi naman na talaga bago yung concept ni SimSimi. I remember nong College ako one of our professor introduce A.L.I.C.E. she’s an AI bot na pwede mo kausapin. Mas fun lang kausap si SimSimi kasi hindi siya AI meaning you can teach SimSimi stuff para mas fun siya kausap.

    As for the Magnum, up until now hindi ko pa siya try kasi in my opinion overpriced siya masyado for an ice cream.

    PS. Naunahan mo ako, haha. I was also going to have an entry about today’s trending.
    PPS. Sorry sa haba ng comment ko.

  4. OMG Lol finally blogging again. Commenting here first. Haha! Never tried pa.. Idk what’s so special about it so maybe tomorrow I will. Haha.

  5. I want to try the SimSimi app – sounds so cool!

    Aaaaah, I love Magnum! It’s quite expensive in SA but I love it nonetheless – you’re paying for quality! It is so tasty 😀

  6. I was able to try both. Haha. I personally don’t have any idea why those two are so special. People nowadays really tend to go with the trend, thus making those things really popular. Haha!

  7. OMG! natawa ako sa MAG-Simsimi nakakainis! :)) HAHA Yes, they’re trending these days, all I see in Facebook are Magnum pics or Simsimi chats eh. at nakakloka nga naman talaga si simsimi. super kaaliw mga replies, and sometimes tumpak na tumpak pa pinagsasagot :))

  8. simsimi is crazy.. haha but i dont need simsimi since i have friends.. lolz maybe i could go talk to him for a good laugh.,. haha and about magnum, well, ive tried choco truffles on my bday and went to the gym right after since it has 200 calories.. haha kainis,.. but they’ve got good marketing strategy coz they make people curious.. after almonds, i dont wanna eat that anymore.. classic and choco truffle is so-so for me.. its just overrated.. lolz seems like im really mad with magnum

  9. Grabe, famous na famous sila. simsimi is quite entertaining pero hindi naman sa point na mapapalitan na ang friends mo. haha. Natikman ko na din lahat ng lasa ng magnum. Masarap naman pero hindi sobrang sarap like yung magdescribe ng iba.

  10. Nakakasawa na nga yung mga posts sa Facebook tungkol sa Simsimi at sa Magnum. I tried to “chat” with simsimi too, pero na-bore ako agad. 😛 Haha. hindi ko pa natitikman yung Magnum (does that make me a loser?) 😛 I want to try it though. pero saka na, kapag hindi na siya masyadong over-hyped (at malamang bababa na din ang presyo niya) 😛

  11. nako oo.super trending talaga niyan sa timeline ko… yung simi-simi, kahit ata anong pag-uusap nila ipiprint screen eh XD

  12. Not sure if I’d like that one! XD But yeah, ads really makes you want to try something new!

  13. TRIVIA: Simsimi means “Bored” in Korean 🙂

    greetings from RarusuChin Blogs~ラルス珍ブログより♥
    セブ専門留学エージェント・CEBU English

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