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Being an Anime fan for some is just another hobby but for some, it can be more than that. The feeling of being the character itself can take an anime fan to a new level, some may not understand or misunderstand their expression and satisfaction of living to the character once they thought as a fiction or imaginary. These young and vibrant individuals are here to come out in the open and show the world that they exists and live the character itself.

Warning (Photo overload) 🙂

A big cosplay event was organized for Anime Fan and Cosplayers in Cebu Business Park , the Harajuko HD Cosplay. It was one of th biggest cosplay event so far I have been and seeing all the individuals with their cosplay characters is really amazing, imagine that they spend time, money and effort for these costumes.

The event is sponsored by big companies here(included my employer), The different thing about this cosplay event is that it is held at night. It is really a challenging thing for me in taking up pictures because I am not really a fan of night photography( in short, my shots sucks at nightime rather than daytime 😀 ) and I am not a cosplayer either :D.

The event started with more socializing or meeting up with fellow cosplayers. This is really a very good opportunity for cosplayers to display their costumes to everyone in an ordinary setup and also meetup with other cosplayers. It is also a good haven for photographers to show their skills in photography (luckily I brought my cam). Personally I like taking photographic shots to cosplayers because they are very willing to pose and really passionate about it.

There was also a competition for both male, female and group category. There is this Mario character play which is really fun similar to the shadow table tennis type of show. There was also a play coming from the game “Devil May Cry”. And another was from the game “Kingdom Hearts” combined with “Final Fantasy Characters”.(yes, I know these characters because I have played this games and finished them respectively 😀 ).

For the Female category, I am not familiar with the one character, but one of them is my idol (literally), the character she played is from Final Fantasy VIII named Rinoa , she is one of the most beautiful characters from the Final Fantasy Series (yes, also played and finished the game..lol ) and one who cosplayed here is as pretty as she is. :D.

There was also some band presentations playing Anime songs and game title themes. There are also visitors from Manila and a celebrity from ABS CBN’s Enrique Gil (don’t know him though).

Most of my time is spent on taking pictures of cosplayers(one way of practicing my photography skills as a newbie..lol). Though the finished almost midnight , it was a very successful one and also fulfilling to Anime fan and cosplayers alike. Kudos to the organizers, sponsors , cosplayers and everyone that participated and made this event possible.

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  1. Same here, bago lang natapos yung Mindanao Cosplay Summit held here in Davao, too bad hindi ako naka-attend. Anyway, you can do a lot with night photography, honestly ayaw ko rin sa gabi kasi hassle. Ang laban mo lang is the flash if hindi ka patient. Congratulations sa mga cosplayer, hopefully someday makakita na rin ako ng cosplayers and shoot them! XD

    • yes, cosplayers are very willing to be photographed , they are like models :), I seldom take pictures at night so it’s kinda challenging for me, maybe I’m
      not yet exposed to night photography, it’s one thing to improve on 😀

  2. Hehehe I love seeing people cosplay even though I’m not really into that kind of thing myself. Some people do a really great job.

    Night photography can be pretty difficult, it’s always pretty easy to photograph in daylight, natural light. Such a challenge to take photos in the dark unless you want to use flash… always considered a sin though xD

  3. I’ve never been into a cosplay event before, if i’ll be given a chance I will go there as PIKACHU! Hahaha!

  4. I’m not much of an anime fan but i’ve been to a few conventions coz my younger brother enjoys going to those. He doesn’t dress up though. I admire those who go all out on their costumes!

  5. ndi pa ako nakakaattend sa kahit na anong cosplay show 🙁 so sad… masaya sana and makakapag pa pichur ako sa mga characters… kainggit! 🙂

  6. wow. ako gustong gusto ko talaga nakakakita ng mga cosplayer. ang cute kasi nila tingnan saka kahit papaano parang nandun yung sanna ao din makapagcosplay someday… haha

  7. Wow, nice event. I’m not into anime that much but I like seeing other people cosplay characters. I’ve passed by one cosplay event here but I didn’t watch too long. But, it was cool. Real life anime =)) Btw, the shots aren’t that bad.

  8. wow! cosplay! anjan ba si Aloida? haha! xD jeeeh! I love wathing cosplay images! lalo na pag si Aloida! hahaha!~ i love anime. I am hero. lol.hahah!~ nahawaan ata ako ng hero tv sa kakapanood ng anime. hahah! xD

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