Goodbye Blogger Hello WordPress

I have been in semi hiatus mode for this moment, to transfer my blog to a self hosted location. Since I started this blog, if you have noticed, I have been using the free blogger hosted blog. Though it is still a mess here, I am trying my best to transfer all details from my previous blog and fix the layout details .I just feel I have to write something here to inform everyone (not that I have that many followers..lolz).

The process really is as simple as it can be, transfering from blogger to wordpress. I can just import all my  post from my old blog with just few clicks. Though have been a little hesistant because of the online traffic but I just have to do it as I see many bloggers are using wordpress.

Getting to this point is really something. Though I am a bit busy from work and other stuff, I am still able to wreck this blog. Maybe I find it fun to just to browse and write something rather than posting pictures or videos in social networking sites.

I just hope I can get this thing going and done as soon as possible, well, better continue this one first and hope for the best (for my blog that is).

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  1. Wow! Congrats on having a new domain :D. Same here galing din ako nuon sa blogger. Good Luck sa site mo and God Bless!

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