I am Still an Anime Fan

Ever since I was little, I am fond of watching anime(japanese). There is so much entertainment when it comes it watching these, even I dont understand some of them (japanese language). I still find it fun to watch even I read subtitles all the time. I even sing with them in their opening song when I was in grade school (really). Right now I still watch Naruto (Shippuden) whether in Anime or Manga, Bleach, DragonballZ (many times) and other.

A very good source of anime information and humor which is BangBang Anime which I found in the internet. Very interesting website where anime fans can see different side of anime like Bleach,Naturo and shakugan no shana. You can also see the latest news and the latest anime release, they also have funny videos where you can see popular anime characters like Gokou Fighting Naruto, Neiji Vs Krilin, Rock Lee Vs Vegeta and many more anime humors. They also include reviews of various games for fans, inlcudes pictures, videos and many more. I have seen many anime sites around the web but this website stands out. The layout is very good to look out and the content is very organized. It is supported by many anime fans.There are also Anime, music and video you can download anytime and other anime links. The site is updated and you will never miss out the latest news and articles. It is a very good anime website especially Im an anime fan, You can have also fun in watching Anime. Being an anime fan is a very good thing for me and this nice anime website prove to me that there are many anime fans all around the globe.

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