Linux Savior Command

I have been using Linux for almost a year and during these times, I’ve encountered various problems in the OS (“Not the general OS in particular”), but some glitches due to my negligence sometimes. =). I like experimenting on my linux like changing colors, layouts, graphics and more.

One time, I was experimenting on running Beryl/compiz on Linux, unfortunately, I’ve change/overwrite some of the major settings or file in the OS, resulting from not working properly just a black screen. Thats what happens when you edited the xserver configuration or the xorg, the OS will not start as it should be. Only black screen with a prompt shell command.

I have a hardtime trouble shooting it, As well as I am not yet an experience Linux user at that time. I have search all over the net on solutions, many did not solve the problem. Then I have encountered this command which I think solve everything.The

sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg

Is all I need to solve. I dont if I will still elaborate it to you, maybe youll get sleepy or what, just remember Linux users if you similar problem like mine, just enter this command.

Probably one of the most important command to Linux out there. Well thats all
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