The Chorizo Vibes – ハートに機をつけて (2019)

Tracklist: 01. 改造人間‼メカドラマー‼ OPテーマ (TVサイズ)02. 平成チョリバイ童歌03. Z-n04. 難読駅順繰り順繰り青春片道切符 〜大阪〜05. We Are ウォッシュメイツ!!06. RPG07. 復活‼メカドラマー‼ Genre: SkaCore / Punk RockQuality: MP3 320kbpsFile Size: 51,1 MBRelease Date: April 02, 2019Label: Ailet RecordsCountry: JapanWebsite: / Buy: iTunesDownload: MEGA

Trashed Ambulance – Shorthanded EP (2019)

Tracklist: 01. Open Road02. Super League03. Buy In04. The Very Best05. Trash Queen06. Round 3 Genre: Punk Rock / SkatepunkQuality: MP3 320kbpsFile Size: 47.3 MBRelease Date: June 07, 2019Label: Thousand Islands RecordsCountry: Canada (Alberta)Facebook: /…