This is place that I could store information,stuff and absolutely anything, a place that would become my dumping ground for my thoughts, discoveries and ramblings from my life and the lives of those around me, and one thing, this is not my “personal diary”. I don’t really post my very intimate/personal life here (privacy concerns).

It’s my “storage” depot, a place I can store the notes that I’ve written or researched, the crazy and random thoughts I had in work, street, parties, etc or the strange things I discover as I wonder and adventure through the world (online or offline). I hope someone finds them useful or perhaps even entertaining.

My opinions about different situations, articles, events that are ‘in’ today, You can also find misspelled words, wrong grammars, carabao english and my writing/personal imperfections (Only human).

More importantly, I also feel that I should point out that the things written on these pages should not be taken out of context or the time and place that they were written should be ignored. I know anything I put on the internet may one day come back to haunt me (or use it against me) but I do feel that we are free to express ourselves in a manner that it doesn’t hurt or affect anyone (as much as possible)

Anyways ….Welcome to my blog, I hope you will find anything you seek (generally).
Enjoy your stay.. enjoy life and have fun.