Filipinos deserve a better press, it is a democratic right

A Facebook post expressed a belief that press freedom in the Philippines has promoted division and disunity and should live up to higher journalistic standards.

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The Facebook page “Rebel With A View- Charles Englund” commented on the present status of the media in the country, saying that the Philippines has seen consequences of its unfettered press.

“Press freedom has to come with press responsibility. The Philippine press is uniquely unfettered in Asia, and we have seen the consequences–proliferation of slanted, facile, inaccurate and (as David admits) mercenary news. Media has promoted division and disunity, as it has continued to dumb down the Filipino, instead of being a partner in nation building,” the post read.

Philippine media has been at a whirlwind lately especially since the country’s President, Rodrigo Duterte has expressed  his dismay at the mainstream media and even went against top agencies, ABS-CBN and Philippine Daily Inquirer for cases of tax evasion and “biased” reportage.

He also recently threatened not  to allow ABS-CBN to renew their license to practice which is good for twenty five years and will expire on 2020 after the company allegedly refused to air a campaign advertisement he has paid for during the campaign period in 2016.

The blog brought into topic a recent article by columnist Randy David which called for Duterte to be kinder to the media.

“Why are we even giving 25 year media franchises? No wonder our media is full of hubris. These licenses should be renewable every year, like in Singapore. David also conveniently fails to mention that PRRD had just renewed GMA’s license with no problem. My conclusion? David himself is a fine example of why certain news outlets should be roundly criticized and sanctioned,”  the post read.
“Filipinos deserve a better press, not one that is onion-skinned and hostile when its readers give feedback. Demanding higher standards from the press is our democratic right,” it added.

Source: Rebel With A View-Charles Englund
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