President Duterte threatens the priest to kill who linked to the murder of the Alleged Lover

On Monday last March 11, 2019, during the speech of President Rodrigo Duterte on the awarding ceremony for outstanding female law enforcers in Malacañang. He threatened to kill a priest if it will not surrender to face charges in relation to the murder of his “Pregnant Girlfriend”.

President Duterte issued a warning to a certain person who named “Fernandez” stated:
“Itong — ‘yong si Fernandez ba ‘yan?  A priest who killed a pregnant paramour of his. Nothing is happening to the case. Maglabas ‘yang warrant na ‘yan. Kung walang police, siyempre mahiya. It’s very unsettling actually. So ako ang mag-aresto sa iyo,”.

He added;
“You better surrender because if you are not, I’ll hunt you down. And if you don’t surrender, you put up a good fight, I’ll kill you like a dog. Wala akong — the law is the law is the law. Period,” President Duterte said.

President Duterte is somewhat became contradict to the Catholic religion. It was stated from the implementation of capturing people who are into drugs that turns out into an extra-judicial killing. Also, critic the Catholic Church for having used his speeches to lash out at bishops as well as priest who he accused of being womanizing, molesting children and even corruption. When he was young, the student also claimed that he is being molested of the priest.

Mentioning last month, Duterte urged the Church to reform itself after Pope Francis admitted about sexual abuse of nuns by the priest and bishops.

President Duterte stated: “Sabi ko ‘yang mga obispo mga g*** ‘yan. So how many cardinals already defrocked? Tinanggalan ng sutana? Oh see? Tapos sabihin ninyo ako bastos ganun,”.
“Oh look. Ako lang ang nagsasabi ng totoo. Iyan ang totoo. Pagka hiniritan mo ako, kagaya ng pari, pagka bugok ng p— ina niya.”

He then recapped that the Catholic ministry should not use the pulpit to attack him and his policies, particularly on his war on drugs.

Source: MSN NEWS

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