Viral Runaway Groom And Bride Left Behind, Finally Called It Quits; Returns Ring And Wedding Expenses

The gap between the runaway groom and his supposed to be a bride who recently seeks help from Raffy Tulfo’s program, Wanted Sa Radyo has been finally filled in. The young woman called for help after groom called it quits one month before their wedding day.

It Probably Is The End

The viral couple Melvin Tamayo and Mary Rose Besmonte have finally decided to put an end into their relationship. It just so happens that the two has worked beyond finalizing wedding and future plans which unfortunately won’t push through anymore.

Heated Confrontations

On the third part of this series-like face-to-face confrontation, Melvin and Mary Rose left their hearts out and focused on the splitting of expenses made for their supposed wedding last December. The two meet at the back of the studio to talk about the settlement accompanied by their respective mothers.

At first, the two were having heated confrontation, not agreeing to terms and presented computations. Together with Melvin, his mother gets in the way, who also had confrontations with Mary Rose. Besmonte’s mother, on the other hand, keeps mum in a corner, only waiting for the ex-couple to arrive on their settlement conditions. This caught Raffy’s attention. 


By that time, Raffy meddles in and tried to give out his point of view in the said situation. He then insists that the two should agree on one thing, whether both of them are splitting up the money.

The two came to settle with conditions that Melvin will pay the 49,000 to Besmonte whereas the latter will surrender the ring given to her after the proposal. The two end up in settling their issues in barangay, keeping it documented. 

The Guy Is Gay And The Woman Is A Nagger

The viral ex-couple didn’t slip off the netizen’s attention. The two were being bombarded with lots of criticisms, calling the runaway groom as gay and the young woman as a nagger. Most netizens claim that the two are better off apart.

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