Chong aide tortured before killed

The Public Attorney’s office (PAO) has finally come out with the results of the autopsy of Richard Santillan III, the aide of lawyer and senatorial candidate Glenn Chong. The reports indicate that Santillan was tortured before he was killed.

 Richard Santillan / Photo from UNTV
The death of Santillan came as a shock. According to reports, the aide was with a female companion when they were killed in Barangay San Andres, Cainta, Rizal.
According to reports, while driving, Santillan was flagged down by police but instead of stopping, he accelerated and stepped on the gas. After which, a shooting between the two parties took place.

Forensics reports torture
According to Dr.Erwin Erfe the forensic laboratory director of the Public Attorney’s Office, reported as well that even when Santillan was already dead, he was still shot. His body sustained 21 gunshot wounds in total.

The PAO’s chief Persida Acosta also said that Santillan’s family is seeking justice. A case will be filed “because of the findings of the forensic team that there are signs of torture, contusions, blunt injuries, mauling on the stomach, hematoma and then puncture wounds using a knife or a bladed weapon.”
Aside from this, the PAO will also ask the police for the records of the operation that lead to the death of Santillan.

Killed because of the elections
Glenn Chong believes that with his running for the senate in 2019, he believes that his aide was caught in the middle.
I have no enemies except for Comelec and Smartmatic. This is the only angle I can see for this incident. They want to scare me by hurting the people close to me,” Chong said.
Source: Philstar

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