Getting an American Home Shield Insurance Cover – What Should You Expect, And Is It Worth It?

Owning home appliances is a good thing and a dream for many, but it comes with many responsibilities you may not have initially thought of. One of these is that you need to take extra steps to safeguarding your home systems and appliances from negative events and losses incurred from these events such as theft, damage, or unfortunate things like fires. When you are a home appliance owner, you definitely want the best level of protection for your home and its components – just to safeguard against any emergencies occurring.

American Home Shield Insurance Cover


American Home Shield comes in to solve the problem, but you need to be careful, as with any insurance policy – reading the small print. Otherwise, you will be surprised when it comes to claiming any assistance for it.

The good thing about American Home Shield is the warranty plans that come with it. The company has been a longstanding provider that is committed to protecting your appliances at home, your home itself, or both. In fact, all the plans it offers are among the most accommodating in the home insurance policy market, so it leaves you with the opportunity of choosing what you want to leave out or cover.

Another advantage it carries is the lack of strict home inspections, which makes its waiting period much shorter than the majority of competing warranty companies.

However, the insurance company still has its naysayers, despite the repute it has as a leader in the industry. This is due to the numerous stipulations that the contracts contain, and this works to reduce the opportunities you can use to claim insurance, as well as removing certain decisions from you as the consumer. That also means that if you fail to do your homework well, you will be very surprised when it comes the time to call for any kind of repair.

What is American Home Shield insurance?

American Home Shield Insurance Cover

Founded in 1971 and headquartered in Memphis, it operates in the District of Columbia and 49 states. It happens to be among the largest home warranty writers in the US with active operation in 48 states.

The company aims to offer home warranty programs that protect its consumers from repair bills that are expensive, and therefore saving your hard-earned money for other things. The only major drawback with their approach is the fine print – this has really limited the advantages of their plans, although it has not stopped the positive satisfaction thoughts of many customers.

According to American Home Shield reviews, the plans allow you to enroll for a flexible plan, regardless of whether you undergo a home inspection or not. This is more flexible compared to other insurance plans, and allows for many prospective home owners to apply for this insurance cover. It also allows you to get assistance on a 24-hour basis, seven days a week – working with technicians who are highly qualified and can assist you with any issues regarding repair.

What are some of the specifications?

American Home Shield Insurance Cover

You no longer need to worry about breaking the bank with this one. The pricing of the service is variable, and depends on the items you cover as well as the location you live in. the other aspect that makes the service flexible is the various plans you can chose from – three of them – so the pricing remains reasonable, depending on your budget.

The plans are best if you are looking for a warranty you can customize according to your needs, and still remains flexible enough to have various options to choose from. However, you should not go for it if you do not want your own appliances or technicians – the insurance cover does not provide these to you, so you will have to handle that on your own.

Note that every contract runs for a period of one year. The cover takes care of various home systems and appliances as well. These include plumbing, heating and water heaters, air conditioning systems that include ductwork, electrical, ceiling fans, doorbells, instant cold and hot water dispensers, centralized vacuums, smoke detectors, and even garbage disposals.

The appliances it covers are dishwashers, refrigerators, ovens and cooktops, clothes dryers, built-in microwave ovens, clothes washers, built-in food processors, trash compactors, free-standing ice makers, and garage door openers. There are optional items covered in the policy as well, including septic pumps, pools and spas, well pumps, and water softeners.

The service call fee is of three types, again depending on your budget. The highest fee is $125, while the lowest is $75. There is also a fee of $100 (the mid-range). The company serves almost every state in the United States.

As we mentioned before in this article, this cover has some good standout features that make it attractive to prospective clients. These include a flexible plan that is tailored for your budget and needs, no home inspection required, a shorter waiting period of about 15 days (due to the removal of inspections), 24/7 service availability, and a network having 45,000 service technicians and 11,000 independent contractors – all for your convenience and ease of mind.

What is the claim of the company?

American Home Shield Insurance Cover

The company states that it is an industry leader that seeks to protect its clients from incurring large and unexpected costs from home repairs. It seems attractive because as a home owner, you never really know what is going to happen next in your home – and that helps you have some peace of mind.

If any of your home systems or appliances break down, you can get in touch with them. They will ten send a technician from their large network to solve the issue, and you will only pay a small service fee.

Possible disadvantages

There are many unhappy customers, simply because they did not know what they were purchasing. This is due to small print issues – and that is the reason one needs to carefully consider before signing up for the service. There exists limitations on the items that are covered as well, for instance, it does not cover sinks, showers or bathtubs.

Final thoughts

Before getting into any insurance cover, it is important to read any small print that is there – and the same goes for signing up with American Home Shield. When you do your homework well, you will find that their warranty is not useless – you just need to consider it carefully.

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