San Miguel Corp. CEO and President on Duterte: “Mark my word: This country will fly high!”

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President and CEO of San Miguel Corp. (SMC) Ramon See Ang is an an avid supporter of President Digong says that big companies is investing heavily in manufacturing and infrastructure because the country will boom under the Duterte administration.

The 63-year-old businessman surely knows the importance of politics and politicians when it comes to doing business in the Philippines. 

Ang is among several Filipino businessmen who openly support Duterte on these issues. He even vowed support for Duterte’s war on drugs, which the international community has criticized.

“Mark my word: This country will fly. This country will be a better place for our children and grandchildren because the drug problem will be eliminated under Duterte,” Ang said.

“If the President solves the problems of drug, criminality, and corruption, he will become the best president the Philippines has ever had,” Ang added.

President Rodrigo Duterte described him as his “fast friend.”

Duterte had said Ang was among those who contributed to his campaign. He even disclosed that Ang offered to buy him a private jet for his safety, but he refused. 

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San Miguel has been among the most generous in supporting Duterte’s causes, including rehabilitation centers and housing needs. 

This Ramon, may sheer guts, by his own hard work he became a billionaire 10 times over…He gave donations, charitable endeavors but they don’t publish it,” Duterte once said of Ang.

Ang, who did not come from an established Philippine business elite, has cultivated a friendship with Duterte, himself a political outlier from Davao City before bursting into the national political scene.

From Singapore to Davao City, Ang has been there whenever Duterte needs support. During the President’s state visit to Singapore in December 2016, the San Miguel president made efforts to gather Singaporean businessmen to meet with Duterte.

On several occassions, Ang has also expressed his optimism in the country’s economic growth under Duterte.

While some oligarchs of old have blatantly used their access to top politicians to curry favor and snag government contracts, Ang has charmed Duterte to just let him be.

Ang and other business groups have either been supportive or have stayed neutral on Duterte’s pet issues, such as the war on drugs and terror.

Under Ang’s leadership, San Miguel continues to grow its network by undertaking merger and acquisition deals, as well as participating in public infrastructure projects.

Because of the expected economic surge, SanMiguel Corporation is building more airports, sea ports and railways, and acquiring trains.

Ang revived San Miguel’s proposed $14-billion international airport project, rivaling the offer of the group of Henry Sy, the Philippines’ richest man. It’s meant to either replace or complement the Ninoy Aquino International Airport, the country’s main gateway that is bursting at the seams.

San Miguel donated P1 billion to the government to build new drug rehabilitation facilities. The conglomerate also pledged a P2-million business start-up package to the kin of each military personnel killed in action in Marawi City.

What can you say about Ramon Ang, does he also deserve a position in public service?

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Source: Inquirer, Rappler

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