Kilalang Journalist na si Tony Calvento Pumanaw na sa edad na 63

Isang nakakalungkot na balita ang pumukaw sa atin nuong Lunes, lalong-lalo na siguro sa mga magulang natin na nakakakilala kay Tony Calvento.

Ibinalita ng kanyang anak na si Sonny Calvento na pumanaw na raw ang kanyang ama dahil sa multiple organ failure.

See his post:

Papa, best known as Tony Calvento to friends and loved ones has joined Our Creator today, 9 October 2017.

His remains lie in state at Chapel 3, The Heritage Park, Taguig. Funeral service will be held on 10 October to 13 October at 3 pm onwards.

Cremation will be on 14 October 2017.

All your prayers, support and comfort are deeply appreciated.” Post ni Sonny Calvento sa kanyang social media account.

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Si Tony Calvento ay kilala sa pagiging isang journalist at host ng Calvento files sa ABS-CBN noong 1995 to 1998.

Ang Calvento files ay isang crime investigative show na kung saan nanalo na ng ibat-ibang award bilang best documentary drama. At sa pagiging napakagaling nito pagdating sa ganitong aspeto nagkaroon din ng Calvento files the movie.

Credits to owner

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