Senator Jinggoy Estrada Writes an Open Letter to Trillanes: “Ikaw ang Pinaka-duwag na Senador na nakasama ko!”

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Senator Jinggoy Estrada lambasted Senator Antonio Trillanes on a post in his social media account saying his colleague was the cowardest senator he have ever known.

In a Facebook post, Senator Jinggoy Estrada told that if only Senator Antonio Trillanes would have read the rules in Senate, he should have not told any negative words against his co-senators.

He mentioned the previous debate with Senator Juan Ponce Enrile, when Senator Trillanes can’t take anymore the words of the legendary man behind the history of Martial Law, Senator Trillanes just walks away the debate when he can no longer battle the brains of Senator Juan Ponce Enrile.

Enrile on Trillanes: ‘My God, this guy is a fraud!’

This was how Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile described Senator Antonio Trillanes IV in a word war that broke the silence during a caucus meeting in Senate. 

Enrile was supposed to preside over a meeting to discuss a bill dividing Camarines Sur when he suddenly took a swipe at Trillanes, divulging the “real story” behind his mission as special envoy to China concerning Panatag (Scarborough) shoal. 

He charged Trillanes of selling the country’s sovereignty to China when he was tasked to conduct a “backdoor negotiation” to ease tension between Manila and Beijing over territorial dispute last May.

Senator Jinggoy Estrada also recalled what Senator Trillanes did last 10 years ago on November 29, 2007 Manila Peninsula siege when he declared and surrendered as well in the coup de etat. As a soldier, a member of the Armed Forces of the Philippines he should have fulfill his mission and stand firm and never surrender, Senator Jinggoy also mentioned in his post.

To end up his post, in ALL CAPS he requested Senator Antonio Trillanes to better “RESIGN NOW” for being coward and having no guts since one of the quality traits that a Senator must possess is being strong and firm for his country.

Here is the full post from Senator Jinggoy Estrada Facebook account:

Kay Sen. Antonio Trillanes,

Nabasa ko na naman ang iyong pahayag na tinatawag mo ang mga pro-Duterte senators na mga duwag.

Alam mo Ginoong Trillanes, kung binabasa mo lang ang ating rules ng senado, hindi ka dapat magsalita laban sa kapwa mo senador. That is totally uncalled for, lalong lalo na tinawag mo silang duwag.

Duwag kamo? Kung naalala mo nuong nakipag-debate ka kay Senate President Enrile, diba nag walk-out ka sa kalagitnaan ng debate dahil wala kang maisagot sa mga tanong ni SP Enrile? Sino ngayon ang duwag? Maliwanag pa sa sikat ng araw na ikaw ang pinaka-duwag sa lahat ng mga senador na nakasama ko.

In case you don’t know the meaning of cowardice Sen. Trkillanes. Let us define clearly the definition of cowardice. Accdg to Webster dictionary, it is lack of courage or firmness of purpose.

Remember the coup de etat that you staged in the Manila Peninsula? If you were really firm and had the courage to fulfill your mission, then you shouldn’t have surrendered. Nakarinig ka lang ng mga putok ng baril galing sa mga pulis, unang-una ka nag surrender! Ano tawag mo dun? Diba, act of COWARDICE yun? Now please tell me Sen. Trillanes, sino sa mga kapwa senador mo ang mga duwag? Malamang kapag nagbanggit ka ng pangalan, di ka nila lulubayan sapagkat wala akong kilalang duwag na senador ngayon maliban sa iyo!!

Kung wala kang magandang sasabihin sa mga kapwa mo senador, you better just keep your mouth shut!

The guts to even say that the Senate in which you belong , is one of the most damaged institutions in the government! How dare you say that! So, what are you waiting for? Better RESIGN now. Honestly, the Senate doesn’t need senators who are certified cowards like you!

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