Look! The TRUTH Behind Jim Paredes Cebu Pacific Flight

Jim Paredes slammed back to the alleged issue about Cebu Pacific flight bound to Bacolod last Wednesday.

According to Jim Paredes, he didn’t take any flight last Sept 13 going to Bacolod.

With the fake news spreading, it was written that Jim Paredes refuses to sit beside a Japanese man wearing a white shirt with Duterte’s printed face, causing it to be delayed for 10 minutes.

Because of this, Jim Paredes already reacted and made a tweet informing that this is a fake news.

Here’s his full post:

“Fake news again about me. Is this how desperate they are? Pls RT”

He even dared the believers of this issue to provide him a picture that proves that he was indeed the passenger on the said flight.

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Even though Paredes informed that it was a fake news, still Netizens criticized him. See post:
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And if the bashers are present, allies are also there for Jim Paredes. See their post:

Jim Paredes was a singer, activist known for being a member of APO Hiking Society way back 1960’s. He also caught the attention of the media for making a scene in EDSA anniversary rally.

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