LOOK: Mayor Inday Sara Duterte Mamartilyohin ang Ulo ni Trillanes

Davao City Mayor Inday Sara Duterte made her followers laugh again on Friday after the Presidential daughter shared how she reacted when she realized that she’s in the same hotel with Senator Antonio Trillanes IV, the political nemesis of her father.

Inday Sara didn’t disclosed the name of the hotel where they almost met with Senator Trillanes, but she showed a text message apparently from a hotel staff who informed her about the presence of the man who accused his brother Vice Mayor Pulong Duterte of being a member of the drug triad.

Mayor Duterte seems amused by the fact that she’s in the same building with their most vocal critic.

“That Thing Called Tadhana” Inday Sara captioned in her post.


She even joked and asked the staff for a hammer so she can use it against the Senator in case that they met inside the hotel.

“Perpect timing. Ako na ang bibira, pahiram ng martilyo,” Inday Sara quipped.

Many of Inday Sara’s followers laughed at her post, but they also warned the Davao City Mayor because the mainstream media might misinterpreted her post.

Some even amazed by her braveness because she was not intimidated despite of being in the same building with their harsh critic.

“Just wait a couple of hours. Nasa mainstream media na to:
Presidential Daughter & Mayor Sara Duterte, mamartilyuhin sa ulo si Sen. Antonio Trillanes.” Netizen Mon Sum commented on Inday Sara’s post.

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