About Schecter Guitar

Schecter makes a beautiful, very comfortable instrument. The pickups are Duncan Designed, so an upgrade is probably necessary (although I’ve never owneda guitar with D-Designed’s in ’em. Maybe they’re kickass.)

Some of the best known guitars made by Schecter are the ‘C Series’ in various configurations such as the “Hellraiser” and “Blackjack” models, and the ‘S Series’, which included the “S-1 Elite” (double cut) guitars, which held some visual similarity to Gibson’s Les Paul Double Cut and double cut Melody Maker — and the “S-1” (a less fancy version of the S-1 Elite). The ‘Elite’ versions of Schecter’s mass-produced instruments often include an arched top, abalone binding, a bound fretboard and a bound headstock with a headstock finish matched with that of the guitar body.

Despite all the visually impressive dressing these instruments remained quite affordable and the quality standard did not suffer. Pickups on many of the mass-produced Schecter models are almost always ‘Duncan Designed’ humbuckers (double coil pickups based on Seymour Duncan’s pickup specifications), usually with a ‘push-pull’ coil splitter control that allows the full humbucker pickup sound to be ‘split’ into the sharper tone characteristic of single coil pickups.

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