Grand Prix Hotel Cebu Experience

The place looks neat in their entrance front desk, you will be immediately entertained by their front desk people. Straightforward you can check in a room immediately depending on their checkin/checkout time policy and you can also reserve by walking or through their contact number.

My Room

The hallway is a bit narrow but just enough to comfortably go to your room, it’s like a little maze maybe because of the same cornering, you can seek assistance from any of the hotel personnel in case you cannot spot your room or get a little lost (I almost did get lost 😀 ).


When I got inside my room, it was a neat one, with two beds, preferably for backpacker travelers. Complete with blankets, pillow, and other amenities in a hotel. Their is a tv (cable) and remote air-condition which works fine and you can set the coolness level by timer which is convenient when it gets too cold at night.


They also have other amenities for personal hygiene which is great if you didn’t bring anything for yourself, it includes a toothbrush, toothpaste and a soap. Their bathroom/comfort room is not that spacious but cozy enough to take a bath. What I liked is that they have a shower temperature gauge device wherein you can control the temperature of the water coming out from it whether hot or cold according to your will 😀

Breakfast meal

I also observed in the room that I am staying is that there walls are not that sound proof especially at night where I can here a little noise beside the room (home it is not the same with other rooms).


Personally, I don’t mind the extra amenities especially if you just want to spend the night resting, the important in a place to stay is that it is clean, quiet and has great service. I recommend Grand Prix Cebu Hotel if you want to have a quick stay overnight and want to be located at the heart of Cebu city.


Shower Heater

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