How to Join Sinulog 2013 Photo Contest


Nikon is the official sponsor for Sinulog 2013 Photo Contest

It’s another time for all photographers to join probably the biggest photography contest in Cebu, the Sinulog Photo Contest. Open to all amateur and professional photographers who wants to compete or just to have a good shooting spot during the festival.

Joining the contest also has its benefits,  not only you have good shooting spots and seemingly less hassle roaming during the parade (you can go inside /near the parade area and there is a photographers area for stage events), you will also have free access/entrance to some of the Sinulog events held in Abellana (Sinulog Festival Queen, Sinulog sa Kabataan , etc).


Sinulog 2013 Photo Contest Shirt Design (Front)


Sinulog 2013 Photo Contest Shirt Design (Back)


Anyways, it can be worth it though it is kinda expensive (1,000 registration fee) if you really want to experience the entire thing having great shots without limiting yourself in the sidelines (with the crowd) so it’s your call really. Oh yeah, Nikon is the official sponsor for this years Sinulog 2013 Photography Contest (last year was Canon).

How to Register:

1. Go to the Sinulog Foundation Office located in Abellana or Cebu City Sports Complex (across Cebu Normal University)

2. In the gate/entrance, you can ask the guard and he/she will point you to the straight path underneath the Cebu Sports Complex ground seats, you will pass by the Swimming pool and you can see different offices/rooms.

3. Walk straight ahead, in the right side, you will see the label for the “Photography Contest Registration here” sign so you will never miss it else ask from the people in the other offices.  🙂

4. Fill up the registration form and pay the fee (1,000 pesos) and you will get the official sinulog t-shirt which you will wear during the parade or other Sinulog 2013 related events when shooting. Don’t also forget to ask for the receipt.

And that’s it, you will a proud person with heads up roaming in the Sinulog parade area shooting like there is no tomorrow. I rarely submit photos for this contest really (never submitted last year), just want to enjoy the festival and the comfort. Just be nice to photographers/tourist /everyone and enjoy the event and the festival. 😀


2 Comments on "How to Join Sinulog 2013 Photo Contest"

  1. Wow! good luck to all participants. 🙂

    • january 14, 2013

      Hi.. im very interested to join this constest,.. but registration is very high i cannot afford it,…. Can you lower down the fee?… what about others who have very excellent ability in photo shoot then they dont have onough money for registration fee? i think it’s not fair for us…
      i cant only afford P100 to 300 fee..

      Hoping for your understanding!

      Cincerely yours
      Ajel Jimenez

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