Social Media Day 2012 Cebu – It’s more fun in the Philippines

Cebu Bloggers Society initiated the event held in the beautiful Korean owned Mactan Isla Resort Mactan, Cebu. The place itself has a very good ambiance as well as the food and thus the perfect venue for the event.Bloggers were gathered with the print media and had a forum discussion about social media related topics, like being connected online, social media ethics and about freelancing.

I really learned a lot about the topics and it is indeed quite educational really for bloggers like me. Having  social media is like having all the power in your hands in terms of using it to create or to destroy. So it is true that great power comes great responsibility. It doesn’t mean that you can do anything with it that you can abuse its power or just plain spamming.


It is also imperative to be real to yourself and others, though most are in it to get to the top of others in terms of social media connection. Just be ethical and never harm and abuse others with your social media influence. Don’t manipulate the system and spread false rumors even writing malicious topics just to gain popularity, trends, likes etc. In fact, some of them are libelous.

Social Media Day is not just for bloggers, writers, media and practitioners but to all people who uses social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare etc. This will definitely be not the last but just a beginning of the new evolution of technology and lifestyle.

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