Power of 4! The North Atrium Cosplay Showdown

What: “Power of  4!  The North Atrium Cosplay Showdown”

When: April 15, 2012 Sunday 1pm

Where: North Atrium, A.S. Fortuna Mandaue City

G E N E R A L    R U L E S

1.       Cosplay Competition is open to all event attendees.

2.       Competition format:  Cosplay Duo  (composing of 2 cosplayers and limited to 2 propsmen/ninjas)

3.       Theme :  Anything Goes  from any genre whether it’s from anime, manga, games, comics, movies,  western animation, etc.

4.       Original Characters is not allowed.

5.       Lewd or  vulgar costumes are also not allowed.

6.       Mecha (example: robots) is not allowed but Armored Costume is accepted.

7. Participants must be “IN Character” once the event starts and can

be “Out of Character” after he/she gets off the stage.

8. All kinds of costume props must be handled with utmost care and must

not be harmful to his/her fellow cosplayers, event staff and attendees.

9.     Any kindof sharp/bladed objects that will be used as props that could cut human flesh are strictly prohibited.

10. Any kind of pyrotechnic equipments that will be used as costume props

that could render damage to the venue/property is strictly prohibited.

11.The organizers reserve the right to refuse people who do not follow

the guidelines mentioned above from joining the contest.

12.The North Atrium will not be held responsible for damage/injury

resulting from mishandling/negligence of cosplayers in his/her use of

props/materials throughout the duration of the event.

13.   Online Pre-Registration Only, NO ONSITE REGISTRATION. NO registration fee.

To Pre Register:

·            Email to: grandier19@yahoo.com

·            Subject Line: North Atrium Power of 4

·            Name:

·            Mobile Number:

·            Email Address:

·            Name of the Character:

·            From what Anime/Manga/Video Game etc.

·            Picture of the Character (Not the cosplayer wearing the costume)

or The Website Link of the Pic


C R I T E R I A   F O R   J U D G I N G


35%  Presentation of the Skit

25%  Costume

25%  Characterization

15%  Over-all impact

Judges decision is final and unappealable.



S K I T   P R O P E R


1) Should you present a skit you will be given between 3-5 minutes of

performing time. We will allow* 2 props men *to handle materials on stage

and/or be part of the skit. However, if the skit will look messy due to the

number of people on stage it will affect your score. (Note that the props

men should wear black clothes.)


2) Please submit a CD with your music if you wish to have it played during

your skit. The CD should be submitted a day before the event, April 14,


3) Limited to 20 Slots Available for  Preregistered

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