Tea & Symphony Awesome Milk Tea in Cebu

Best Milk Tea in Town

I have seen a lot of coffee shops sprouting like mushrooms here in Cebu, probably the fast lifestyle in our society  wherein people just want to have a quick refreshing drink that led to the popularity of coffee shops. Since many are inclined to coffee especially when you want to have a quiet time for yourself and just indulge every sip from you cup coffee or meetup meet friends and just chat about every story and any topic they bring. The ambiance of a coffee shop is really important where you could just escape the outside world with all the work from the office, traffic, noise, etc and have a serene moment with your self and enjoy that moment.

There is a new Coffee Shop in town, the Tea and Symphony, located in Banilad(G/F UC building across Gaisano Country Mall). A good location with enough parking space for everyone just in front of the coffee shop[. You cannot missed it as you passed by through the Gov. Cuenco Avenue road (you can see the Banilad UC building). The place is your very typical coffee shop with a large space, comfortable seats, minimalistic theme with few picture frames and figurines. The place is quite comfortable really with a nice set variety in their menu and drinks. Most of all (the important thing to us bloggers and other online junkies) is that they have free WiFi (provided that you order something. 🙂


Taiwanese Street Food Snack - Fish with wasabe flavor

I managed to took a sip into their best seller specialty drink , the “Tea & Symphony” milk tea, the sweetness level I have chosen is mild which contains only very few sugar/sweets. On top of that is topping which blends properly with the flavor. Also tasted their snacks or their Taiwanese street Foods like chicken and fish with Wasabi and salt n’ pepper flavors respectively. I really like the fish snack with wasabi flavor which complements the milk tea. The great thing about their product is that you can choose the sweetness level for any drinks you choose, from 25% mild to half 50% to 75% less and 100% for normal sweetness, which is really good especially for those who are health conscious and wants to control their sugar intake.

Overall it was a good tea-experience and really a health-tea option for those who want to get more out of their freshly brewed tea experience. I recommend this to everyone who wants to have a refreshing and healthy drink at the same time.

Address: G/F University of Cebu – Banilad , Gov. Cuenco Avenue Banilad, Cebu City
Contact: 416-1716 / 0922-533215
Email: teasymphony@ymail.com
Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/Tea.n.Symphony



* Prices are subject to change without prior notice (peso currency)
Brewed Tea
Hot Cold Cold
Black Tea Small Medium Large
Tea & Symphony 55 60 70
Chrysanthemum Pu-uer 55 60 70
Ceylon 55 60 70
Ching 55 60 70
Darjeeling 55 60 70
English 55 60 70
Formosa 55 60 70
Odong 55 60 70
Wintermelon 55 60 70
Green Tea
Japanese 55 60 70
Genmaicha 55 60 70
Sakura 55 60 70
Wheat 55 60 70
Fruit Tea Cold Cold
Medium Large
Apple Green Tea 65 75
Apple Black Tea 65 75
Orange Black Tea 65 75
Strawberry Black Tea
Milk Tea Hot Cold Cold
Small Medium Large
Tea & Symphony 60 65 75
Ceylon 60 65 75
Formosa 60 65 75
Black Dragon 60 65 75
Hokkaido 60 65 75
Okinawa 60 65 75
Wintermelon 60 65 75
Aloe Vera 15
Vlack Pearls 15
Coffee Jelly 15
Grass Jelly 15
Nata de Coco 15
Egg Pudding 15
Non – Tea Cold Cold
Medium Large
Almond Milk 80 90
Coconut Milk 70 80
Taro Milk 70 80
Snacks (Taiwanese Street Food)
Chicken 50
Fish 50
Tofu 50
Flavor Salt n’ Peper, Wasabi Pepper

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  1. Ang watermark sa imong images kay “Jeminix” lagi instead of “Jerminix.” 🙂

  2. I guess I’m part of the minority that does not patronize cold tea. 😛 Anyhow, the place looks good (and cozy too!) and the food looks yummy! I wish they have a branch in Luzon. 🙂

  3. parang bubble tea ba yan?

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