Cebu Tsunami Hoax and Visayas Earthquake

Cebu Tsunami Scare Hoax Map

As we speak some people are already panicking regarding the tsunami alert 2 which was announced by Phivolcs, there are many establishments that are closing down , people running in the streets (I even saw one without slippers) looking for high ground. Gasoline stations closing, some or most of the classes and workplace  are all cancelled.

I will tell you that the Cebu Tsunami is a Hoax, some people even told me that baranggay Mambaling is already flooded and some parts of Talisay, Toledo and other areas near the shore which is not true. (spread the news)

People running in the streets is probably the one triggered the  panic with news misinformation, I mean, it really affected the way they see the situation. Many are stranded due to heavy traffic and people are even having a hard time commuting due to many Bus and jeepneys stopped riding due to panic and worry.

I am currently listening to a radio were there are reported 4 confirmed killed (as we speak)  in Negros Oriental which was the epicenter of the Earthquake with intensity 7.

The Tsunami is a false alarm here in Cebu, but just be reminded to be always vigilant and don’t forget to pray in these tough times.

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  1. so sorry for the pings… ehehe (^_^)’ im just sharing links on your posts too :p

  2. I’m praying for Visayas. I hope they remain faithful and continue believing that God would never let them be in trouble.

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