Skechers New Running Shoes

Experience the New Skechers Running Shoes

Since marathons are getting more popular in our place and I mean popular that these events are organized by big companies and not just merely for a charity event but a major sports event and a contest. Runners from different places even from Nigeria and those professional runners from other countries  came here to compete with the local runners and from what I saw is that not only they have the physical ability and training for running, they also have the right set of gears an equipment perfect for running and these are really high quality specially the ‘Shoes’.

There are many shoe companies today that are making these shoes specially made for running, you can name almost all of them and they have their own set of unique characteristics which differentiate them from other shoes. Then I got the chance to wear one from Skechers, I also got the opportunity to know about the product and about the running shoes itself. It is really amazing to know the technologies and concepts into just making running shoes.

Red ProSpeed SRR Model

The ProSpeed SRR features the patented Smart Shoe™ Technology, the rocker-bottom that guides runners into mid-foot strike position. This mid-foot strike design transforms the energy of impact, through the Kinetic Return System, into forward motion with every stride.

“The shoes literally give runners a spring in their step as they feel a distinctive bounce forward upon toe-off or push off,” Andrada adds.

The Skechers ProSpeed SRR is also lightweight due to the Resalyte™ cushioning with memory retention that reduces impact for a supported, comfortable ride during runs. Each ProSpeed comes in just under 10 oz. per shoe depending on the size.

I also got the chance to wear one, at first step you can really tell the difference between and ordinary shoes from a running shoes (I was wearing a sneakers then). The weight itself is very light indeed as if your are on barefoot and the heels has a very soft cushioning that really felt like you are floating or bouncing in each step. The design itself is neat and not to showy or distracting which can be worn by both male and female. The built is also sturdy and very fit for any running events and marathons. There are also other colors to choose from according to preference (Though I prefer the red one if I have one 😀 ).

Though Skechers shoes are known for their design shoes and sneakers, their new running shoes are also worth a try and with the new technology and innovation designed for the Skechers Running shoes. I recommend it to those who are into running marathons or just a casual jogger.

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  1. wow! naa naman diay ni.. hehe nice!! 😀 kung ing-anion pud ang globe write-up nice pud.. maayo ang pag illustrate about the shoes 🙂

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