How to Enable and Activate New YouTube Design Right Now

The New Youtube Design

Google redesigned its Youtube site with a new interface and you can actually experience in first hand in your browsers right now.

For now it only works in Firefox and Chrome. When you are in the Youtube Website. Open up your browser’s development tools:

How to Open Development tools.
In Mozilla Firefox:
Windows: Ctrl + Shift + K
Mac: Cmd + Shift + K

Firefox: Copy Paste the Code in the Development Tool Console

Firefox: Press Enter then Close the Development Window Console and refresh the Hompage and that's it

In Google Chrome:
Windows: Ctrl + Shift + J
Mac: Cmd + Alt + J

Then add this code string in the window console.


Close the Tool and Reload/Refresh the Youtube Site, that’s it.

Credit/Photo: Moritz Tolxdorff Google+

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