Hanaya The First Mid-rise Resort in Cebu

Hanaya the First Condo Resort in Cebu

Hanaya is the first resort-styled condominium in the Northern Cebu Area. Reward your family with 70% open space well-thought of wide living areas. First rate amenities, lush gardens and pools. Enjoy resort living at its best.

Hanaya will be built with a mid-rise condominium community. Being low density, each mid-rise building will have 6 floors with 16 units on every hour. The community is given 70% of open space to play in.

Single-loaded corridors are also provided for each unit complete with communal green balconies, that give you a refreshing view of the garden from your balcony.

Everyday is a Weekend here in Hanaya Midrise Condominium

Garden Atrium
Enhances the flow of natural ventilation and lighting. allowing yoi to save an energy consumption.

Single-loaded corridors
Opens up to a balcony overlooking the atrium, thereby offering a roomier hallway.

Shear Wall Technology
Space management without columns and beams visible in the unit

Worry Free Living
Sand because we understand your needs we chose to free you from the worries of upkeep. maintenance of perimeter grounds.

What’s more. it is reasonably priced and supported with a flexible financing term. So you can live life comfortably while delighting in the luxuries right after the purchase of a unit.

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  1. This is a nice condo with lots of greenery. But where is this exactly located? Is this condo also available as rent to own?

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