ANNEBisyosa Experience @ Ayala Center Cebu with Anne Curtis

I am not really a celebrity fan type of person but when I do get a opportunity to see or meet one,Β  I will definitely try to be a part of it (bloggers instinct maybe .. confusing eh, lol). And that is what happened yesterday at Ayala Center Cebu , I thought it was just another day of strolling around when I saw a lot of crowd in the Ayala Center Cebu Events Center. At first I thought it was an international or Hollywood celebrity, but it was not. It was Anne Curtis! She was here in Cebu to promote here first ever album (Annebisyosa), I really have doubts in watching the event because of the crowd and everything, but I got the chance to be in a good looking spot just above one floor and in front of the stage :D, and luckily I bought my digital cam and luckily got a clear glimpse of Anne Curtis. :). The show started late which is a little bit annoying for some peopleΒ  but still they waited for her, it was also raining hard outside so I rather wait a little bit longer than go outside and soaked myself in my way home.

When she arrived it was like the roofs gonna fall with all the cheers and shout outs from the fans and the people, immediately she went into the stage singing “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” which she had really fun singing it with all the dancing and gestures .. :D, next is the “Eclipse of the Heart” singing with a duet which was also fun and entertaining specially in the high notes part.

The last part probably was the most entertaining off all, Anne Curtis Singing Alone. I also got a full video for that and uploaded in youtube (She is funny too :D). You can see in her that she is really having fun, even though in the high notes part :D. People in the event are really entertained even if it was a short one.

Anyways, enjoy the video I uploaded (sorry for the poor quality, got to fight off a lot of crowd for the view :p)


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  1. I also wanna see Anne in person if given a chance. Kaso I really hate crowded places so sa mga ganyang mall tour, wala talaga akong tyaga hehe Swerte mo nachempuhan mo sya :))

  2. For me, Anne is gorgeous I love how she wear clothes … Such a true fashionista <3 Luv it !!!

    Lucky you!!! πŸ™‚

  3. oh that’s cool! I’d like to her too (if given a chance). Good thing you got a chance to take a video, for sure sobrang daming tao dyan kasi super sikat na si Anne Curtis ngayon. πŸ™‚

  4. She also had a mini concert near my workplace but I didn’t get to watch it because I had other plans πŸ™ Love her, tho!

  5. idol ko talaga si anne! but i havent heard her sing. because the last time i did, she didnt really have that good of a voice… but now, i guess with years of vocal classes, she got better? but really… her photoshoot for rogue? was it? it was intense! πŸ˜€ and everyone is ao lucky you guys got to see her…
    but anyway, still love her…

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