Bob Marlin Restaurant @ Parkmall Cebu

I have been in a lot of restaurants and tasted different kinds of food and cuisine, from small carenderias to 5 Star restaurants 7(yah, I almost eat anything,lol) , there is no denying that I am a food lover and mostly is true to us here. Even if we forgot our diet because of it :). Honestly, I never get tired of tasting different kinds of food and even write reviews about it. 😀

This is probably one of the most challenging dinner invite so far, I almost never got to visit the restaurant with all the heavy rain and flood, even if I was late, I was still able to reach the place. Though the rain did not stop, it didn’t stop us to crash in..:D

The restaurant is comfortably located just outside the mall, with tables outside for those who want to hang out or meet up with friends. The ambiance of the place is similar to a restobar theme, though the owner consider it as “beachy” (really laugh the first time he said that until I understood the meaning ‘beach’), the place is not really that big compared to other restaurants, just enough to accommodate 70 persons.

The food are all Filipino dishes which is kinda good because I was expecting an international cuisine or something because of the restaurant theme and name (Bob Marlin = Bob Marley),  They serve various dishes from Laing to pinakbet to sisig and more. But my favorite probably is their Crispy Pata which is incidentally their specialty dish.  😀

The restaurant branch here is a franchise owned by a young chef (27 yrs old) from Zamboanga, he was a student here in Cebu (University of San Carlos which is also my Alma Matter 😀 ) and was working as a chef in another restaurant before having his own restaurant. He choose to franchise here knowing that the industry here in Cebu is booming.

The food can be a little cliche if you have been to many Filipino specialty restaurants but the place is not that bad. Though it is still a startup restaurant here in Cebu, it will still get a share of customers and food lovers out there. Hope they will have wifi connection soon as it will really help us bloggers promote or spread the news right away we as step in the restaurant (tweet about it or check in Foursquare, Facebook, Google etc). 🙂

Overall, it was a very satisfying dinner amidst the strong rain and almost cancelled my participation in the event. Better visit their place located at Parkmall Cebu or you can visit their facebook Bob Marln fanpage


8 Comments on "Bob Marlin Restaurant @ Parkmall Cebu"

  1. looks delicious ang food and they have sisig! i am a sucker for sisig. hayzz. sarap sarap!

  2. I never get tired of trying different foods too 🙂 The food in your photos look yummy! I’m glad that it was a good dinner!

  3. Ooh! nagutom tuloy ako! hahaha! Can’t wait to go to Cebu, hopefully matuloy 🙂 Sad to hear nga lang na nasa state of calamity raw ang Mandaue, how bad is it? I thought nga rin Int’l yung cuisine because of the name eh. hehe. Looks delicious!

  4. wow sisig 🙂 all of a sudden i feel so hungry hehe.. my favorite is squid sisig from sisig hooray! hihi have you tried it?

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