Christopher Lao “Nobody informed me!” Baha

Another Trending Pinoy in Web today.

Christopher Lao graduated summa cum laude from UP, with the degree BA Philo. USC Vice Chair 05-06 (Is he a Cebuano???OMG)..  so what happended??!!


Shown by GMA News on Tuesday, the video of Lao is now viral on social networking sites and, as of this posting, has made him the 8th trending, or most discussed, Twitter topic worldwide.

Intended to show the public the hazards of driving through flooded streets, the video has been taken down from this web site by GMA News after viewers were sharing it accompanied by insults aimed at Lao. But a growing number of social media users, Mr. Leonen among the more prominent of them, have also expressed sympathy for Lao and defended him publicly.

“In such instances, social media is prone to abuse by its users because people feel so entitled to give their ten cents’ worth of thoughts on a person they hardly know,” wrote Julie M. Aurelio in response to Leonen’s post. “Constructive criticism is a far cry from judgment.”

Source: GMA

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  1. what a funny guy lol

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