Google+ Plus the Facebook Killer???

If you have been in the webosphere lately, you might have seen it in your email, web news and other sources about the Google Plus Project. This is not just any project by any means but will be a new Social Networking Website (Facebook anyone?), yes, and it is from google itself. It seems that they are spreading the news like wild fire, they have been into different markets already like in the mobile (google phone), blogs (blogger), emai (gmail) and etc. They are almost anywhere these days and what more to expose their name than to be the part of one of the most favorite “things to do” in the social network.

And yes they are not afraid to face head on with Facebook unlike others (Friendster anyone?). Ok, before I get ahead with myself and everything, lets just pause for a moment and ….. try the big G+ or G plus ourselves. It is still as an ongoing project as we speak/read, honestly going thru their adventurous tour , I was surprise on how well the presentation was made, it is like a tour in google maps with a bit of animation and actual system usage.

I have seen a lot of products that counterpart the popular and established ones. Like the iPhone which has its own iPhone killer, the android mobiles but that is already a different story. I won’t elaborate the details here as it is the viewers point of view and their impression in detail. And from the post title itself , Is Google Plus the Facebook Killer? Probably but not for now :D..

Anyways here is the google plus main page.


I already have a Google+ account, if you want to receive and invitation or add request. Just comment your “Gmail email” so that I can add you immediately and be part of the Circle of Google friends 😀



12 Comments on "Google+ Plus the Facebook Killer???"

  1. Wow, thanks for the info! This looks promising! and I guess this would be a competition for FB. haha! 😀

  2. I’m actually excited for this! It seems interesting. It definitely helps that it’s made by Google; I seem to love everything made by Google! Facebook is getting a tad bit boring anyway.

    • I think this is good for everyone to experience something new and also cover some limitations that Facebook currently has and maybe use more exciting features we haven’t experienced yet 😀

  3. Ang ganda. 🙂

  4. wow.. this is cool ah. so bale Google is trying to build a social networking site like FB and FS na rin?? am I right? 🙂 hmmm.. can’t wait for it then! 😀

    • Yes, in fact it has already started as a project and and even the Facebook founder Zuckerberg already has an account and has the most followers :D.. I also have an account ,you can provide me your gmail account (will update this post so that I can add you and others in Google+).. 😉

  5. wow…. eto pala ung nakikita ko sa twitter na kahit mga celebrity eh pinag-uusapan. interesting to noh? :)) anyway here’s my gmail: itsmetine :)) tatry ko nga rin. hehe

    • yes, this is the intent to end Facebook’s domination in the social network even celebrities and known personalities are into it.. kaya inaabangan ko talaga to.. :D.. added your gmail already.. thanks 😉

  6. Sweet! Will you invite me? I’ve seen the hype about it all over facebook (how ironic haha) but haven’t gotten the chance to join. My email is the one used for this comment 🙂

    • Sure, invited you already 🙂 .. hope they will not be like Friendster that they will reformat the whole system if they will not be that popular anymore,hahah (cross fingers)

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