Gabii sa Kabilin 2011 aka Night at the Museums

Just for the title, I remembered the movie “Night at the Museums” where ancient and historical people or heritage brought back to life, and what I have experienced is not really that different. Personally, I could say that this one of the best museum visits so far in my lifetime. As far as my memory goes, it was in college that I visited a museum or a historical heritage.

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Though I am not that much of a historian type of person or what term they call it, but in gives me an enlightenment of our heritage and how they are still preserved up to this time.

Fortunately, the Cebu Bloggers Society has been invited to join the prestigious “Gabii sa Kabilin” organized by Ramon Aboitiz Foundation (RAFI), first of all I would like to thank Nancy for the invites and given as the access to the museum and heritage sites with the Media ID’s 😀 (even though I was late).  My first impression is that how amazing they prepare for this event, with all the transportation and heritage sites simultaneously serving all the guest and visitors. Though I am late in the event , I was still able to catch up with some of the heritage sites. Surprisingly , I was having a great load of fun watching some displays of historical figures, utilities, rooms, books etc. Like a techy person that I am, still I was entertained by the sites

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In our first stop which is the Casa Goromardo Museum, many peoplegathered together tolisten to performancesfrom some of the natives from different provinces here in thePhilippines, one that I like was the harp played by one of the performers. Though it was raining a bit, people are still engaged in the event.


Fort San Pedro

Our 2nd stop was in Fort San Pedro, actually it is the most popular heritage site here in Cebu, and is located near or in Plaza Indepedencia, it was still raining at that time, but seeing the different historical piece and spots will make you forget that it,hehe. Most of the sights here are paintings of different popular Filipino historical figures


Next was the Cebu Museum , It was a very organized museum with lots of historical sights and each with their own stories, there are even videos of it. I have seen the old bills or money and how they come to start.

Definitely one of the most memorable museum visits so far, and will they be back next year? , of course I will surely go back for more. :).. cheers

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