Big 3

From the image itself, its not about the top 3 finalist of any pageants or contests, yes, its the top 3 undisputed shounen manga at this time. Many of these title are already popular in many TV series particularly in Japan known as anime, even here in our place (though it is translated to tagalog/Filipino language) but it is still fun and entertaining to watch.

I have been a fun of anime since childhood, so it will be always a part of me (even at 50 yrs old plus??..ahahah), don’t want to think about that yet but for now, I am still enjoying it, and mind you… you will be surprised  and even myself to see that there are many people out there are still watching/reading anime/manga even if they are not that young anymore, I was even surprised to hear from my workplace to hear conversations about manga topics from all ages and status.

So I am not that surprised anymore to see cosplays and events about anime, ( I even see students at a mall wearing naruto costumes wandering around), some people may even laugh about it though.

Anyways, but to my topic, I just read the big 3 manga anime One Piece, Bleach and Naruto (in that order). It seems that right now, One Piece has the best plot and scene at this moment. Personally, I think it can replace Naruto right now as the no#1 Shonen Manga, I mean  the story is just getting better after the 1month hiatus (which is equivalent to 2 years in One Piece time frame), I don’t know if I should literally mention the story but here it is (this is not a spoiler), I’ll just use my stock knowledge and summarize the story,

” After two years after the war they all meet up in one place, in which it is shown that they all arrive in that location with their new personality and yes my favorite character Zorro is one eye blind but I have read in Facebook wherein in the official statement by the author that it was a mistake(which I am still confused about it), so the plot is more on the evolution of the main protagonist of the manga and that what makes it so darn exciting” (I rather stop there at this point , I don’t everyone can relate what I am rambling about here..hahaha)

Of course Naruto which is very popular here in anime, is also getting better, I think it is nearing to its end and with all the events and the major battles ahead. This will go along with One Piece as well.

And Last but also the least (yes the LEAST), Bleach… After the Aizen incident and Ichigo losing his Shinigami powers, the plot is starting to go downhill as we speak and probably at is boring point, yes boring. I think I can skip at this manga for the meantime..

Thats it, the Big 3 as named by many forums and manga fans out there and before I end this post, here is the link of my favorite manga site: Click Here



Shounen = means boy in japanese

Shounen Manga = is a manga genre which is targeted towards young males. Usually contains subgenres of Action, Adventure, Comedy etc. 😀
The plot usually consists of the main character wanting to fulfill a dream and there is alot of fighting/conflict involved.

Shoujo = is just like Shounen only it’s target audience is young girls.

Anime = refers to a distinctive tradition of Japanese animation that is almost immediately recognizable by its superior artistic quality as well as by the somewhat mannered artistic conventions anime artists employ, such as the preference for child-like, large eyes

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