Plan to transfer to a Hosting Service

I have been blogging for a long time now, thought I have been using free blogging services, I have been thinking of getting my own domain name and a hosting service where I can put my files and do whatever what I like. Not to mention to have control over my visitors and setting up different pages.

There are so many web hosting that provides cheap hosting and & reseller web hosting services. Also, I am looking for 99.99% uptime per month which is really very important for blogging that updates their contents frequently.

I have found this cheap web hosting services that can provide my needs, I have been looking for budget web hosting around the internet and found lypha hosting service, I have look at their package which is very good and compatible of the specs I have need. I know that there are many hosting offers out there but it is worth a try though, they have a complete 30 day money back guarantee which is very good. If I have the opportunity to go with it then this is the one I will try.

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