Dial-up Connection Experience

Being online is very important to me this days as it is not only part of my work but rather a way of connection to my friends, classmates, cousins, fellow bloggers,n relatives and everyone I knew.

Of course, how the internet perform is very important, believe it or not, I am posting this blog right now using a Dial-up connection. I have this Dial-connection for more than five years, I didnt bother getting a DSL or Broadband Connection, It just that I get used to it.(at least I can still post to blogger), but I have been thinking in getting an DSL or Broadband. I dont know if it is worth it. I’m not fond of downloading videos or music, I only check my emails,blogs, and chat a bit. I dont really see it an urgency to have a very fast connection.

Come to think of it, this connection saved me lot of trouble especially in my student years (that wasn’t a long time ago you know). If it hadn’t for this connection, I wouldn’t have graduated in my computer course,right?…(“silence”),hmmm..okay, some might not agree with me…I know someday I’ve got to move on and transfer to more civilized way of connecting online (Im not that primitive looking you know..haha). I really would like to type/post more but my dial-up prepaid account is almost out, (damn limited internet). Anywayz, thats all for today, little quote for you. 🙂

“Just be thankful of your internet connection even sometimes it stinks because there are people (like yours truly) who have slower internet connections than you” Bow

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